Starting off as a blogger is never that easy and getting your blogs into the top ranks is so much harder. Anyone with no experience at all will have a hard time, especially when that person aims for popularity. If you really want to become successful in blogging, you must learn a lot of ways, tactics, and means to create a blog that’s worth reading. Here are 6 ways to make your blog popular:

  • Offer something valuable

What are you really trying to do with your blog? What are your goals exactly? If you are able to give an answer, you will be able to create something valuable and something with a shape. People want blogs with useful content; they are likely to share it to other people if they know that your blogs are of some use. If you think you are not ready, you have to know that blogging is already happening everywhere. Bloggers in India, Canada, England, and anywhere else in the world are facing their screens and typing out blogs for us to see. There is no reason for you to back out.

  • Use SEO

Just like any other wise blogger, using SEO strategy is the key to reach the top. In making your blogs, be aware of the right mix of words to use. Certain keywords must be picked to get your blog in the first ranks.

  • Converse with the audience

As an example, do you know why there are a lot of top bloggers in India? These top bloggers in India, especially the bloggers of Kolkata are known to be responsive in terms of conversing with the audience. The bloggers of Kolkata are known to give out responses to the comments of their readers.

  • Use the power of social media

Sharing your blogs to other social media platforms will help take you to the top. In order to do this, you must create a way on how to make sharing easier. Specifically as an example, the top bloggers in Kolkata use a “share” button to spread out their blogs like wild fire. To become just like the top bloggers in Kolkata, you should also do the same. Not only do the bloggers in India follow this tactic but also other bloggers out there.

  • Don’t be bleak

Choosing the right words is a must. You really don’t have to become a comedian to entertain your readers. You can start by having your own personality incorporated in your words. As long as you keep things interesting, you will keep your readers.

  • Be updated with what is new

News come and go, and people are into what is currently up to date. Be sure to know what your audience value and never stay for too long on what is not interesting anymore.