It’s been said that photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving. What you have caught on camera is captured forever; it makes you remember every little thing. It is an emotion which gets captured in the camera. It is such a thing through which you can feel the moment which will never come back to you. It captures emotions in a small machine. Now we can feel the essence of color photos but earlier all photos were in black and white. Nowadays photography has become a booming sector as most of the young generations want to take it as a profession, and now by the arrival of DSLR, photography has gone to a completely different level. The quality and clarity are very high of DSLR. It is easier to click on DSLR than a normal camera with film. Most of the photographer prefers to use this model. In last few years a new photography has been introduced and is called Candid Photography. The literal meaning is honest, frank, and truthful. But in the world of photography candid means taking people’s picture that is unaware of the fact that they are being pictured. This kind of photography will give you the actual essence of that particular moment. Earlier it was all about traditional photography. It is totally different from candid photography. Wedding photography has two types, Candid or Photojournalistic Photography, and Traditional or Conventional photography. Here we will discuss the difference between Candid and traditional photography. 

Candid Vs Traditional photography:

In candid photography, pictures are captured in unconsciously without giving any pose. People not even know that their action is captured; it is done by not distracting the candidate during the process. The photographer is always in a flying motion. Photographers roaming here and there in the occasion with the camera and without distracting he/she take pictures in a very natural way, no artificial pose are implemented in this. The great thing about candid photography is in a wedding the pictures get captured as they happen. When the subject does not know that picture is being taken, the subject can convey true emotion without giving conscious postures. Whereas Traditional photographers mainly focus on posed posture in weddings or any occasions. People are very much aware that they get clicked. The photographer instructs the subject to make a pose like this or that way. The photographs are carefully framed, and well-planned one.


Role of Videography in wedding

In wedding or in any special occasion people generally hire a photographer and videographer as well. In photography, we get the still photos, but in videography moving images are captured through an electronic media like tape, hard drive, CD/DVD. These are two types documentary or cinematic. In documentary videography capture everything in real, show what actually happened, no artificial improvisation is done in this, only some few editing and cutting made to make it perfect. In cinematic videography main aim is to present a story. By using filters, camera angle and a perfect musical background to input all emotions in your album.

Use of equipment in both the photography:

The equipment that is used in candid photography is totally different from traditional. They use high-end modern cameras, which traditional photographer doesn’t use. But at some places, the traditional photographers have started using the same equipment as candid do. But technique and approach make the actual difference. Both see the same scene from camera lens differently. Both captured the same subject in the same place in a different manner. The picture quality also different of two type photographer. Post processing of pictures to get the look they are actually looking for.