I am not a frequent flyer but I traveled in plane 3-4 times earlier. But this time the experience was completely different. Last month when I was travelling to Hyderabad from Kolkata, I had to take a One Stop flight to Hyderabad. The stop was in Chennai. Booked in Spicejet, hoping for a good timely flight but instead was frustrated when the Flight from Chennai to Hyderabad was delayed thrice.


The Spicejet ground staff was not sure whether there will be further delays for not. The Departure time was 9:35 PM, after changing 3 times was now on 11:35 PM. The passengers were getting restless with this delay I noticed few started to complain about dinner, but there was not free dinner. May be they booked paid meal and it was getting so late for them to have dinner. 😛 To my surprise there were few hot talks between few passenger and the ground staff of Spicejet. But afterwards everything was settled.

Now as the time approached and the gate opened passengers were in queue to get into the bus and then board the flight. When I came down of the bus to board the Spicejet Flight I was shocked to plane design. I have never seen such flight.


The two huge propellers on both sides was completely exposed, two ground staff was manually moving the propeller and checking something. The flight was comparatively smaller that is understandable as it was carrying a small number of passengers.

I think I was having the un-luckiest seat of the flight, the window seat just beside one of the propeller.


The pilot introduced us to the flight by calling it a bombardier flight. As the flight was ready for takeoff the propeller started to rotate and made a tremendous sound at its full speed. After wards the sound and everything was accustomed to my ear and brain and didn’t had any issue on flight. But in mid air I believe I noticed from the window that the propeller stopped once and again started, no idea why.

But overall the journey was nice and reached Hyderabad.

The pilot called the flight as bombardier but I called it as scary as bomb because the sound and vibration of the propellers was tremendous as those propellers were exposed outside.

That’s it from me now.

Thanks for reading.

Please comment and share if you have any experience as such.