Are you looking for an extra income? Do you want to set up a business with a limited capital? Here are the top low-cost business ideas that would jump-start your entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Food Business

Undoubtedly, food is essential for human existence. Thus, services related to food are visible everywhere in the metro. You can try food carts, offering snacks in crowded areas such as shopping malls and mobile food trucks that go around the city offering a variety of food. You can try baking pastries, cakes and confectioneries, then sell them to your friends, acquaintances or even online. In food business, turning your passion (cooking or baking­) into profit is a big step.

  1. Tutoring

You can offer tutoring services for Mathematics, English and Science to your local neighborhood kids. You can expand your scope by going online. You can teach foreign nationals who want to learn English. Other than major academic subjects, you can opt to teach children how to play musical instruments, swimming and other sports if you have the skill in these areas.

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  1. Blogging

Nowadays, some people who love writing are turning to the internet to post their works. With an access to the internet and wide range of ideas, you can start blogging. You can blog about a wide array of topics from travelling to certain places to talking about the current events around the world. Bloggers can generate income thru the advertisements that are placed on their respective blogs by companies.


  1. Photography

Though this is the era where everyone can become instant photographers thanks to built-in high definition cameras in smartphones, nothing beats a professionally captured image by an expert photographer. Many people opt to hire professional photographers to capture events, commonly weddings. If your hobby is photography and you have a handful of experience and expertise in the field, why not try to generate profit out of it?

  1. Home Day Care

 If you love children, then this business might be just right for you. You can turn your home into a daycare center for children during the day. Create a friendly environment for the children where they can play, learn and interact with each other.


Business ideas never run out even with a limited capital. What matters most is the dedication to make that idea a reality. Do research to gain knowledge, take some risks and work hard.