Instagram has duly come through a long way from all sorts of enhancements that include origins, videos, comment likes and live stories. But you will be glad to learn that at present one-photo-per-post rule has been duly lifted. Now you may upload more than ten pictures within a single post, similar to albums.

Selection of Multiple Photos – Made Easy

It has been foreshadowing this particular change for a while. As soon as you select a photo from your post, you will come across a button that permits you to select multiple numbers of photos. After you have successfully chosen the media to include, you will be in a favorable position to gab the chance to apply the same filter all across videos as well as pictures.

As multiple image posts are displayed in the form of a slide show, as a user you may be in a favorable position to swipe through easily. Now, you may easily upload up to a maximum of 10 photos into a single carousel-styled album. This will prevent you hunting hard of the best photo from an experience you desire to remember as it will be within your clenched fist.

Versions Useful for Running Instagram

You may also easily apply filter to the whole album where photos are duly uploaded. This particular update of Instagram is available for 10.9 version for iOS and Android. For many, uploading of photos seems to be a tedious task. Keeping this thing into due consideration, Instagram has included the cascading square icon for easing the whole procedure of uploading.

It will enable you to add your desired photos and videos you desire to group altogether into a single post. Afterwards, you may easily rearrange them in the manner you desire. You may have a look by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired position. Also, you may easily include caption along with location tags as usual.

Take Best Control

But please note that those inclusions will be applied to the photos that belong to that particular post. Even, you may tag your friends along with filtering each and every option of applying filters to each and every photo or altogether. You will hold a firm grip regarding taking best control of the way your post will look like.

It is possible to change the order of the photos by simply tapping them. How to confirm whether there is a single photo or multiple numbers of photos in the album? Simple! In case the first photo comprises of a little icon, then it is for sure that there are multiple numbers of photos available into the album. Else not!

Graceful Appearance – Duly Promised

After all, the new album so formed holds a graceful appearance. As a frequent Instagram user, you must be looking ahead to make the best usage of this feature. High time to pick up some exceptional photos to be included into the event to share! Highly skillful developers are on their ways to develop highly useful applications in order to serve the purpose of this new technology.

Get Ready to Grab this Golden Opportunity

In order to fetch this high benefit of Instagram, you need to capture some glorious moments of life so that they may remain as memories for long. Gone are those days when people used to go with paper photos! Instead it is high time to go with paperless methods of enjoying some of the glorious captures.

While using Instagram, you must be a bit careful so that there occurs no danger to your device. It is advised to carry on with the latest version of the tool so that you may enjoy the privilege in association with this newly introduced technology. Get ready to grab this golden opportunity!