Zomato is a site related to Restaurant search

Some companies hire people for hacking of data base of other companies. These hackers also protect the data of in house work and create, apply the techniques to crack the outsiders’ network. When the security of the data is lagging, the hackers get the scope to crack data base of others. The weakness in the security of data base in storing system, the hackers are motivated to hack the network to earn profit out of the database either by collecting data or selling the data in the proper market. So, protection must be there in the securing system to get rid of hacking of your data base. The hackers ultimately establish the hacking tool; if the security of data base is weak .And they crack the data for unauthorized remote access to other targeted data base. This sort of hacking activity is the underworld work of computer network. Generally, hackers are identified as someone with wide knowledge of computer software who are the programmers and can crack the targeted database. In the other way round, they can be termed as hackers. In the controversies with word of hacker, they can be even termed as programmers.




In this way, Zomato, the largest guide for restaurant has been hacked. They are suffering a lot due to due hacking or security breach. In a report for hacking blog, this has been explored that the people hacked are always dealing online. Zomato had been hacked in this way, and 17 million data has been sold in the in dark web market place with the high value. The company has also admitted that they had some lapses from their end at the security point of view. The company’s security team has made survey regarding the hacking of data and has reported that nearly 17 million data of users has been stolen and sold in the proper market place.



Impression provided to the users by Zomato

Still, the company Zomato has expressed that still the data is in safe position. The nature of password is such that it cannot be converted easily into text messages. So, the password of the company remains intact. Another positive sign of Zomato is that all payment related data is stored in separate file rather than the stolen data. The data related to payment is stored in a system separately in file which the hackers cannot touch. Still 17 millions of users of Zomato are put on risk due to the hacking. Zomato has informed the hacked users that it had been logged out due to safety of the users. But the company will reset the system with password with strong security to log in again. Zomato is actually online platform for users of restaurants. The Zomato users suddenly was shocked on 18th May 2017 after immediate the food delivery when they found 17 million users are online with food delivery app.

Status of hacked data

In actual picture of Zomato, nearly 17 million of data had been stolen and sold on the market. Zomato had informed all the users and took the necessary steps to protect the users. It had been reported in a blog that the seller in the name of ‘nclay’ in the dark web has offered for selling of the stolen data of nearly 17 million. To protect the users and to protect the site, Zomato has updated the security status and that process will be effective from 18th June 2017. Zomato is one of the largest food delivery sites and was hacked for 17 million users. Zomato also can be identified as site for Restaurant search.